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OpenSIPS project attended to ClueCon on August 9-11, 2011 ( ), one of the most important VoIP events, for both talking about OpenSIPS and VoIP and for giving a short Quick Start Training for OpenSIPS.

OpenSIPS presentation

  • Hosted PBX - customer or provider site? by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu - when talking about hosted PBX, how much of it should be hosted on provider site and how much should be residing in client premises? Considering the High-availability, the distribution and the autonomy of the service, how do we combine all in an OpenSIPS based solution.
    Download Presentation
  • The number one issue on VoIP today, Fraud! by Flavio Goncalves - what risks are ISPs incurring with VoIP operations; types of attacks (signaling attacks, bruteforce attacks, attacks over phones) and how to prevent them and keep the damages under control - how you can secure your service with OpenSIPS.
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OpenSIPS training

Monday August 8 - an one-day free course will get you up and running fast with the OpenSIPS server.
A Quick Start training conducted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu and Flavio Goncalves covering:

  • OpenSIPS introduction
  • Routing and scripting
  • Authentication and Accouting
  • Dialog support
  • Advanced Topics
    • Security
    • Load balancing
    • LCR/Dynamic Routing
  • Open Discussions

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