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Documentation -> Modules version 1.2.x

This documentation is for OpenSER/OpenSIPS version 1.2.x.

Module nameDescriptionStatus
ACCAccounting modulestable
ALIAS_DBDatabase SIP aliases modulestable
AUTHAuthentication Framework modulestable
AUTH_DBDatabase-backend authentication modulestable
AUTH_DIAMETERDIAMETER-backend authentication moduleunmaintained
AUTH_RADIUSRADIUS-backend authentication modulestable
AVPOPSAVP operation modulestable
AVP_RADIUSRADIUS-backend for AVP loading modulestable
CPL-CCPL interpreter modulestable
DBTEXTText-backend for database API modulestable
DIALOGDialog support modulestable
DISPATCHERDispatcher (load-balancer) modulestable
DIVERSIONDiversion header insertion modulestable
DOMAINMulti-domain support modulestable
DOMAINPOLICYPolicies to connect federationsalpha
ENUMENUM lookup modulestable
EXECExternal exec modulestable
FLATSTOREFast writing-only text-backend for database modulestable
GFLAGSGlobal shared flags modulestable
GROUPUser-groups module with DB-backendstable
GROUP_RADIUSUser-groups module with RADIUS-backendstable
IMCInstant Messaging Conferencing modulealpha
JABBERJABBER IM and PRESENCE interconnection modulebeta
LCRLeast Cost Routing modulestable
MANGLERSIP mangler modulestable
MAXFWDMax-Forward processor modulestable
MI_FIFOFIFO support for Management Interfacealpha
MI_XMLRPCXMLRPC support for Management Interfacealpha
MEDIAPROXYNAT traversal modulestable
MSILOSIP message silo modulestable
NATHELPERNAT traversal helper modulestable
MYSQLMYSQL-backend for database API modulestable
OPTIONSOPTIONS server replier modulestable
OSPOSP peering modulestable
PATHPath support for SIP loadbalancerstable
PDTPrefix-to-Domain translator modulestable
PERLembed execution of Perl functionalpha
PERMISSIONSPermissions control modulestable
PIKEFlood detector modulestable
PRESENCEPresence server module - common APIalpha
POSTGRESPOSTGRES-backend for database API modulestable
PUACommon API for presence user agent clientalpha
PUA_MIMI extension for PUAalpha
PUA_USRLOCUSRLOC extension for PUAalpha
REGISTRARSIP Registrar implementation modulestable
RRRecord-Route and Route modulestable
SEASSip Express Application Server (interface module)alpha
SIPTRACESipTrace modulestable
SLStateless replier modulestable
SMSSIP-to-SMS IM gateway modulestable
SNMPStatsSNMP interface for statistics modulealpha
SPEEDDIALPer-user speed-dial controller modulestable
STATISTICSScript statistics supportstable
SSTSIP Session Timer supportalpha
TEXTOPSText operations modulestable
TLSOPSTLS operations modulestable
TMTransaction (stateful) modulestable
UACUAC functionalies (FROM mangling and UAC auth)stable
UAC_REDIRECTUAC redirection functionalitystable
URIGeneric URI operation modulestable
UNIXODBCunixODBC driver modulestable
URI_DBURI operation with database support modulestable
URI_RADIUSURI operation with RADIUS support modulestable
USRLOCUser location implementation modulestable
XLOGAdvanced logger modulestable
XMPPSIP-to-XMPP Gateway (SIP to Jabber/Google Talk)alpha

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