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OpenSIPS project runs a program of public online meetings with the community - the basic idea is to try to involve as much people as possible in the process of running and guiding the OpenSIPS project -via a open and public discussion.


Purpose of meeting

Identify issues that needs to be addressed - issues may be technical (like tech work, features, improvements, contributions, etc) or management (lists, SVN/GIT, etc). NOTE: the meetings will identify the issues, we DO NOT plan to resolve the issues during these meetings (who, how and when to solve will be decided in the meeting)

When to meet

The meetings will be done on-demand, when issues that need to be discussed arise. Community members can also suggest the organization of a new public meeting, if they consider an issues needs the community's attention.

The time and date of the meeting will be publicly announced by the OpenSIPS team on the common communication channels ( mailing lists, forums, IRC, etc ).

Where to meet

IRC #opensips channel - anyone is welcomed to formulate ideas or to contribute with solutions for the discussed items.

What to talk

With one week before the meeting, we will publish the list of topics (issues that need to be addressed)


13th of April 2011

09th of March 2011

22nd of February 2011

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